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CEntral element of your livin room

The coffee table is the central element of your stay, accompanied by a sofa and an armchair, it allows to bring together its guests and share good times. 
The coffee table must be chosen with care, the ideal size for the space you give it but also the color and the material that will go perfectly with the decoration of your interior. Stay at the forefront of fashion with gigantic tables , elegant and practical for all types of interior. 

Great design for coffee tabels

You will find designer coffee tables of all materials, be it a wooden, metal or even glass coffee table for a touch of modernity. 
Do you have a small space? Opt for a coffee table with storage , or even a lifting table to work or eat at the right height from your sofa. 
In the Scandinavian, ethnic or contemporary style, you can choose the shape that suits you; the rectangular , oval coffee table or even a square coffee table, come and discover the selection of Vente-unique.com, for low tables at the best prices !

Your checklist for choosing well:

  • The design: the coffee table is a fundamental element for the style of your living room, it is the one that completes your universe and that attracts all eyes.
  • Available space: check that the dimensions suit the layout of your living room, do not overdo it and do not clutter an already small living room.
  • Height: neither too high nor too low! You should be able to comfortably access it while sitting on your sofa.
  • Maintenance: choose a table that is easy to live with on a daily basis, because it will support meal trays, cocktails and children’s felts.
  • The practical side: many designers offer space-saving solutions, from the liftable table to integrated storage.

Your coffee table: the calling card of your living room

  • The coffee table has, without a doubt, a great functional utility, but nowadays it is a real element of decoration of your living space. 
  • It is the heart of your living room. It is she who will welcome your magazines during your moments of relaxation, aperitifs with your friends or a meal tray. It is therefore important to choose it carefully. 
  • The table should be a design element that fits perfectly with the style of your living room, without weighing it down.Its dimensions and shape must be studied according to the space available and its height must match that of the sofa. 
  • Always choose materials that are easy to maintain, especially if you have children. For small spaces, the designers imagined space-saving models: low tables with storage inside, for example. 
  • The liftable low tables, on the other hand, become high tables on occasion thanks to an ingenious mechanism.

 Choose your coffee table carefully: dimensions, shape and height:

  • Once the sofas and armchairs are installed in your living room, observe the free space in the heart of the room to determine the space you have for your coffee table. Also take into account the space required between the coffee table and other furniture to be able to circulate pleasantly in the living room. 
  • Put yourself in a situation, but remember that you should always leave about 60 cm between the furniture. The height of your coffee table depends on the height of your sofa: choose if possible the same height, or a little lower, but never higher. 
  • As for the shape, it depends on your decoration and the other furniture that surrounds it. The round or oval coffee table can be very light, when it rests on a fine base, as very robust and imposing when its base follows the rounded shape of its tray. 
  • It is more suitable for large living rooms where it will take place in the center, surrounded by a sofa and a few armchairs. The square coffee table is however ideal if you also use your coffee table to take your meals or work. It is suitable for a large number of spaces; you just have to adapt the size to the surface. 
  • The rectangular coffee table is the most common form in interiors. It is suitable for living rooms with a large corner sofa or a living room with two sofas installed opposite each other. It is also the model best suited to narrow living rooms, designed to be long. To be able to move freely in the room, choose a narrow, but long, table so that it remains useful and functional. 
  • If your living room is very small, consider choosing a discreet and thin base.

The coffee table: a smart asset!

  • Whether your living room is spacious or very small, the coffee table can be simple or multifunctional. It can be a side table dedicated to placing your newspapers, books and magazines but can also group together several functions, serving as a dining table or table to receive guests for tea or aperitif, while sheltering spaces storage to keep its functionality. 
  • Some tables contain storage spaces integrated into the base; others play with their board by adding compartments and drawers.However, the square or rectangular table is often accompanied by a second tray below to store books and newspapers. 
  • Today there are low tables with the top that opens or swivels to house a very practical storage space inside. 
  • The pull-out coffee table will allow you to increase the available space. Your coffee table is therefore not only a design element but will make your living room functional.

What style and what material?

  • Choosing the style of your living room will help you choose your coffee table. The wood creates a simple and elegant natural style that both grants Nordic universe with a Scandinavian coffee table than a minimalist design universe.
  • Check if you have other wooden elements in the living room so as not to mix too many essences. The wooden coffee table is ultra resistant and easy to maintain.
  • The plastic coffee tableis available in several colors to suit your interior. Plastic also allows the table to adopt simple or original shapes (square, wavy, sinusoidal, circular or rectangular) to revisit the decoration. 
  • It is also very light and moves without any difficulty. Best for small spaces and studios. 
  • Giving an impression of grandeur and lightness to the living room, the glass coffee table is certainly very fragile, but it harmonizes easily with any type of decoration thanks to its transparency. 
  • Avoid, however, if you have young children. It is to be preferred in small living rooms so as not to overload the decoration and is cleaned using a cloth and a product for windows.

Installation: child’s play!

Coffee tables are generally delivered already assembled . In some cases, you may need to assemble the tray and the legs, but it is anyway a very simple operation and within everyone’s reach.

The convertible coffee table

  • Today there are a large number of models of convertible coffee tables, which can be raised if necessary thanks to an ingenious mechanism. 
  • Your coffee table can thus become a dining room table: in some cases, it can be extendable to accommodate family and friends. 
  • The convertible coffee table will allow you to declutter your small living room of less than 20m². 
  • Available in a multitude of sizes, styles, designs, and materials, from teak to tempered glass, through stone, steel, melamine, it will adapt without any problem to the style of your interior.