Best Adjustable Coffee Table

Best Adjustable Coffee Table

Need to find the best adjustable coffee table? For your living room, you need the best elements to complete your design and to ensure your comfort. From the type of finishes to the furniture and decorations, you want everything to be perfect. And, for this you need quality. Even if you need to pick just a coffee table to complete the interior design you need to make the right choice.

Your new adjustable coffee table needs to match your current interior design and the necessities of your entire family. To avoid making the wrong choice you must carefully weigh all the options available on the market.

How to find the best coffee table for your living room?

The selection criteria must be based on brand, design, quality of materials, size, functionality, and price. Also, if you have kids, the coffee table must assure safety when used. Instead of buying an expensive and hard to clean coffee table, invest in a material that is easy to clean and easy to maintain. Especially if your kids will use it to play on the laptop more comfortably and stain the table you will need to make sure you can clean it.

There are available lots of materials and designs, from low prices to expensive items, from well-known brands to newly released brands on the market. The best thing you can do to make the right choice is to buy online because the offers are more varied, you will be able to buy safely and the desired product will be delivered to your doorstep.

When buying a lift-top coffee table you can also check the reviews from the customers who already bought the item. Sometimes customers post pictures with the coffee table and you can see more clearly if it’s suitable for your interior design.

Often a coffee table that has several features such as shelves and drawers, are extendable, or have concealed chairs can be helpful when you do not have a living room with generous space. So, this is one of the main reasons you should always be informed even if you have an idea of what you want. Sometimes, by being informed and searching available coffee table models you can find a better one and more suitable for your needs.


So, here are a few selections we hope you will consider completing your living room design with the right choice for your needs.

Rectangle lift top coffee table 

Rectangle lift-top coffee tables are suitable for spaces that are not so generous and can complete a modern space according to requirements. With an original and distinguished design, it can offer a great change in your living room and it will help the entire family.
Made from solid wood and available in three modern colors it is perfect for modern or even contemporary spaces. It is a multifunctional table that allows you to store inside various things that you use when sitting on the sofa in the living room. The model features a split lift top with a large storage area and two open compartments where you can store your favorite books, magazines, chargers, and all the things you need to feel comfortable.
Pull up the top of the table and obtain a perfect spot for your laptop or tablet, to work conveniently in front of the TV. The black iron hairpin legs along the wood component offer an industrial component suitable for modern designs. Made from mango wood, it is a highly resistant product that will ensure long-lasting use. Weighing only 32 kg (72 pounds) it can be easily moved around the room.
It is a high-quality product that will serve you for years and it meets all the selection criteria we talked about earlier. It has a suitable height to be able to work comfortably on the sofa but also enough storage space for your stuff. The lift top works smoothly, so you will not have to do a great effort just to feel comfortable while working. It’s a high-quality table that will meet your requirements in style, décor and it will be a wise investment for the long term. Mango wood will meet your expectations and it will resist for years.

Lift top coffee table with storage

A very practical product that allows you to store all the important things you need to turn the sofa area into a real entertainment center or an area where you can work from your laptop while watching your favorite series. The top rises without making any noise, so you can use the coffee table at any time, without disturbing anyone. The storage space is very generous and you will be surprised by how many things can fit inside. At the base, it is provided with three cube-type shelves where you can place decorations, books, or other objects that you can use for entertainment, work, or even eating in front of the TV.
This coffee table is made of MDF specially treated to withstand water. Therefore, it can be used safely in a living room to which the little ones have access. The table legs are stable and the spring mechanism has increased resistance and durability during operation. For optimal use, do not overturn or shake it is recommended to assemble correctly according to the instructions that come with the package.
It is a modern coffee table that integrates perfectly into any style of interior design. It can easily become the piece of resistance in your living room and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that this coffee table offers.
The coffee table is very light and you can easily move it around the room, so you can make changes at any time. weighs about 26 kilograms. Having a very practical color is very easy to maintain and you will have all the reasons to be satisfied with the choice made. The coffee table is delivered together with all the accessories and with the necessary instructions for a proper assembly.

Square lift top coffee table

A coffee table can become the central element to socialize in the living room with friends or family. Especially if you want to work more comfortably on the couch, all you have to do is operate the mechanism and turn it into a laptop table. The coffee table is solid and stable, it is made of wood, the mechanism is made of quality iron. With a lightweight, you will be able to move the table according to your desires and needs.

This model has a large storage capacity that easily fits many important things you need in the area of the sofa. In addition, there are three open shelves that will help you store other useful things such as books, board games, or decorations. The tabletop can be easily lifted and you have enough space on the table surface to place the laptop. When the mechanism is activated, it does not make noise. You will have a correct and comfortable position even when you use the laptop longer you will not need to lean over the table. The table is also suitable to be used for dining or to put various snacks at hand so that you have them close while watching your favorite movie.

It has a minimalist design that can be easily integrated into existing arrangements. The color is practical and beautiful, managing to become a central piece in your living room. It is a table with high functionality that can be used in many types of spaces not only in the living room but also in the waiting room of the office, at the reception, in offices and not only. The package contains all the accessories and the instructions to assemble it properly.

White lift top coffee tables

It is said that white is not practical, that it gets dirty quickly, but a piece of white furniture integrates best in the interior design. This coffee table model is suitable to be used in minimalist, elegant, contemporary, etc. arrangements. This year it tends to use as many light colors as possible in the arrangements, which is why this table will fit perfectly.

This lift top coffee table is very light, weighing only 17 kg, resistant, and durable. You will be able to easily move it to various places in the house, so as to ensure your comfort. The tabletop can be raised and you will be able to get excellent support for your laptop or your favorite snacks and foods when watching TV. It can be adjusted to the desired height and maintains its stability very well. Not only will you have extra storage space under the tabletop but you will be able to keep the necessary things in the sofa area and on the shelves below. Whether you want to spend the evening with friends playing board games or you have organized a movie night, this table will give you the opportunity to have everything at hand.

Another idea about how this table can be used is to place it in the children’s room. Lowering the counter top can be a perfect table for drawing and raised can become a suitable desk for homework. Although it is white, it is very easy to maintain. It is a high-quality product that will serve you efficiently whenever needed. Also, white offers the advantage of integrating easily, especially in small spaces where you need as much light as possible to create the feeling of more generous space. The innovative design and the qualities of the product will surely impress you.

Modern lift top coffee tables

Modern, attractive, and very practical. This is how we could briefly describe this model of coffee table. It integrates very well in modern designs and adapts to your needs. Whether you work from home or are used to eating on TV, this table will be able to serve you every time. The model is made of wood and the legs and the drive mechanism are made of high-quality iron. The combination of wood and metal is very practical and modern. It has a compartment hidden under the counter with generous dimensions. The tabletop comes off in two parts, giving the possibility for two people to use the table simultaneously while working on the laptop. It is easy to assemble and comes with the necessary accessories and instructions.

The colors are pleasant and easy to integrate into the existing design. The table will become the most useful element in the room in which it is located and the possibility to store the important things for you will help you to maintain order.

Also, the iron mechanism and the components of the table will not be damaged and have the ability to withstand very well over time. No matter how much you raise and lower the table mechanism, it will maintain its proper functioning. You will appreciate the way it integrates into your home and especially the generous storage space that will help you keep the remote controls, phone chargers, notebooks, magazines, and all the important objects for you at hand but hidden from view. The quality-price ratio is very good, being a coffee table that you will be satisfied with.

Solid wood lift top coffee table

This is a coffee table model that integrates perfectly in spaces with a stylish and elegant design that inspires a welcoming and warm feeling. It is a practical piece of furniture due to the possibility of lifting the tabletop with the help of a high-quality iron mechanism, quickly transforming from an ordinary piece of furniture into a perfect desk to work directly from the sofa. The generously sized worktop when extended is perfect for placing the laptop securely on it. It has a rustic design that blends perfectly with the surrounding design. Under the tabletop, you will be able to discover generous storage space for all your important things. In order to benefit from all the advantages offered by this table, it must be assembled. It comes with all the necessary instructions and accessories and the assembly is very easy. The table looks very good and the carefully crafted details turn it into a special element that will turn into the point of attraction of your living room.

The table is ideal to serve coffee, to work on the couch, or to enjoy an evening of board games with friends or family. This coffee table model is very easy to use and creates a generous surface when the counter top is raised. The mechanism is strong and durable, so no matter how much you act it will serve you efficiently in the long run. It is a small coffee table and easy to move, offering all the advantages to be easily integrated into any space. The quality-price ratio is very good and you will have many reasons to be satisfied.

We hope that these few suggestions are useful to you and that you will consider one of the best adjustable coffee table model selected by us. Remember, it is better to save on price than on quality.