When shopping for any item- be it food, furniture, or otherwise, you’ll have options. And to the more experienced shopper in all of us, options can actually be a source of stress.

A quick impulse buy is always the enemy of the shopper, but caving in and buying food you probably shouldn’t be eating has a much smaller impact on your day-to-day life than buying a discount chair or table that you know nothing about.

In the realm of contemporary coffee tables, this can be magnified. How does one know that the “everything must go” sticker on an affordable and seemingly attractive coffee table hasn’t been there for months, or that the price is so low because nobody wants it, except for the unsuspecting shopper- prone to purchasing items on a whim?

Options can be stressful, and the only real relief to the experienced and smart shopper is research. In short, don’t buy on a whim. Do a little digging first, or find someone who has.

In this article, we dive into contemporary coffee tables. Naturally, there is a major focus on quality, and to an extent, customer reviews are used.

We also look at build material, design, function, and the aesthetics of each table as a means of vetting the products available to find the best offered.

In this endeavor, I use for many reasons; from it’s near endless amount of products, to the seldom-matched price point, as well as for the convenience of the reader.

Can you imagine if I told the entire Internet that there is one contemporary coffee table better than all the others, but you’ve got to go to Hoboken, New Jersey to see it?

But before we dive into the impressive assortment of contemporary coffee tables that has been curated for you, we have to ask a few questions about what you are looking for.

What is contemporary? It means something different to everyone. Do you like clean, minimal lines, or chunky and angular finishes? When looking for a contemporary coffee table for your work or living space, you have to ask yourself-

  1. What is the main function? Do I only need this table to hold drinks, remotes, books or magazines?
  2. Do I need it to be used as a storage device?
  3. Do I need it to work as a computer table or for eating?
  4. How much wear and tear do I expect to have?

Alternatively, if you have children, you must also think about how they will use it.

  1. Do I have to worry about the safety if there is a glass surface?
  2. Is it sturdy enough to hold their weight if they climb on it? Because let’s be honest, if you have small children under 5 years of age, they will.
  3. If I use this to store their toys, will it be easy for them to access?
  4. If I am using this contemporary coffee table for storage for my own belongings, will it be difficult for them to get to them?

It seems silly, at first, to have to think of all these things while choosing a coffee table, but they do play a key role in our everyday lives, be they located at work or at home.


The Fab Glass and Mirror Bent Contemporary Coffee Table is a single piece glass coffee table that is clean, simple and streamlined.

This contemporary coffee table is meant for a more adult space and is ideally suited to a lobby, office, or home without children.

The glass is 3/8 inch (10mm) thick and designed to stand up everyday use, be that holding drinks, remotes, laptops or small centerpieces.

Measuring 43 inches by 25 inches, the Fab Glass contemporary coffee table stands 16 inches high, and its solid glass will fit in perfectly with any patterned furniture or accent pieces.

The Fab Glass and Mirror Bent Glass Contemporary Coffee Table lists just above $300.00, and includes complimentary shipping.

This is of tremendous benefit to the buyer, as this contemporary coffee table weighs nearly 70 pounds. Opt for the “include assembly” option to have it brought in and unpacked for you (it ships inside of a wood and nails delivery crate) to avoid the hassle of spending an hour or more prying nails and digging through Styrofoam and cardboard.

Amazon customer reviewers are crazy about the Fab glass contemporary coffee table and give it top marks for its combination of sturdiness, smoothed edges, and seamless incorporation into any room.

I am similarly high on this coffee table and rate the Fab Glass and Mirror Bent Glass Contemporary Coffee Table a 4.5 out of 5.


The Signature Design by Ashley Rollins Collection Contemporary Coffee Table is a great mix of the classic dark wood you expect in a traditional coffee table with the tastefully drawn lines you want in a modern piece.

This handsome product from Signature Design by Ashley features a combination of metal, manmade wood and birch veneer with a dark merlot color finish.

Hand finished, this contemporary coffee table measures 36 inches by 36 inches, and stands 20 inches high.

Weighing 60 pounds when fully assembled, the Signature Design by Ashley sits on removable casters for easy movement around the room even after assembly.

There is nothing hidden about this coffee table, with a single fixed shelf made of wood and glass creating the table top, and curved metal legs in a black-nickel tone providing support.

The Signature Design by Ashley Rollins Collection Contemporary Coffee Table lists in the mid $200 range, and boasts overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers.

Free shipping is included, and for an additional fee, you can have this contemporary coffee table brought into your home, unpacked, and assembled for you through a local professional that works with Amazon.

I enjoy this piece for its attractive style and mobility, although I have reservations about the manmade wood and veneer finish.

But these reservations are small. The Signature Design by Ashley is a great coffee table, and I rate it a 4 out of 5.


The Knights Bridge Contemporary Coffee Table and Ottoman blends the lines between coffee table and ottoman, completely changing your living area for the better.

A stained pinewood base measuring an impressive 60 inches in length by 40 inches in width, and is covered with tufted lined for a soft ottoman appearance, while leaving ample room for double duty.

Underneath the linen top, ample storage space is available to keep loose magazines, books, remotes or even toys for your little ones hidden in plain sight.

Standing 20 inches in height, this elegant contemporary coffee table and ottoman features pedestal legs and a beautiful, durable wood finish that will hold it’s integrity overtime. This is an accent piece in itself!

This one has it all, and it should considering its hefty list price of right around $1,500.00 across multiple vendors.

While this will give many pause, you can take comfort in both free shipping and a flawless customer review rating from those that have purchased it.

Used Knights Bridge Contemporary Coffee Tables do show up on from time to time as well, which can lower the cost significantly, should you come across one.

I love this contemporary coffee table and ottoman, and regularly use my laptop on it, leaving a large tray on the ottoman for a sturdy surface fit for a drink or book (or both).

It blends in well with new and old pieces alike, and will certainly add a level of gravitas to your living area.

That said, the Knights Bridge is heavy and I highly suggest taking advantage of Amazon’s “Include Assembly” option to save you the time and hassle of both unpacking it and putting together.

I know that it’s a lot, but it is a piece that will stay with you forever if you take care of it. I give the Knights Bridge Contemporary Coffee Table and Ottoman a perfect 5 out of 5, and am quite confident that, should you put this into your home, you will as well.


The Haring Square Rotating Contemporary Coffee Table is a great example of new meets old.

Constructed from solid wood, the contemporary coffee table features two separate tabletops that can rotate over the base, allowing you to customize the amount of surface area as needed.

The Haring Square incorporates late 1960’s features into its design, with a grey and black streak finish, and a very low height of only 13 inches.

Measuring 24 inches by 32 inches, this contemporary coffee table is perfect near a lounger and built to host social gatherings.

A true statement piece at an affordable price, the Haring Square lists in the low to mid $200 range depending on the vendor, and includes free shipping.

There is some minor assembly required but the tools and instructions are all include with the table. Also optional is Amazon’s “Include Assembly” option, should you not want to lug the table into your home and spend an hour putting it together.

The Haring Square Rotating Contemporary Coffee Table is universally loved by Amazon customers, and boasts a nearly perfect review rating that I have to agree with.

For the mix of table space, more table space, the simple unassuming stain work, solid wood, and classic lounge feel of the Haring Square, I give it a 4.9 out of 5, and view it as an excellent addition to any room with a sofa or lounger.


It’s time to get weird, and lets do it in style. The Abbyson Living Furrino Modern Round Coffee Table is in a class all its own.

The tufted white leather, black glass top, and solid wood construction all come together to create one of the most uniquely modern round coffee tables available anywhere- melding modern design with styling cues from the golden age of Hollywood.

The Abbyson Living Furrino is perfectly round, with a diameter of 42 inches, and sits just under 14 inches high. This modern round coffee table is perfect for any social gathering, and sure to start a conversation.

The Abbyson Living Furrino weighs 45 pounds when fully assembled, which is not overly heavy, and even light compared to other modern coffee tables.

There is also minor assembly required, but with end result being worth every minute and penny. This modern round coffee table lists just under $600 and includes free shipping.

Opt for the “Include Assembly” option to relieve yourself of the hassle of putting it together, and do so knowing that everyone who does buy this product loves it, as is demonstrated by its near perfect customer review rating on

I love this modern round coffee table, and plan on getting it once I no longer have to worry about my children climbing onto the glass top, or damaging the white tufted leather (I’d better declaw the cats as well).

In my perfect world, the Abbyson Living Furrinno sits between two white, low to the ground lounge chairs, and a fireplace is on the far side of the table.

Your vision might be different, but make no mistake- if you get it you will love it. I rate the Abbyson Living Furrinno Modern Round Coffee Table a perfect 5 out of 5.


To those always looking to host the party, consider the Furniture of America Julius Modern Round Coffee Table Set for added seating, table space, and room to socialize.

The Julius is made using solid walnut, with a wood veneer covering for durability and appearances. This round coffee table set include the coffee table itself, standing 19 inches high with a diameter of 40 inches, and four wedge shaped ottomans that each measure 19 inches by 19 inches with a 16 inch height.

The tabletop itself is a 5mm beveled clear glass, and the ottoman cushioning is provided via padded leatherette cushions for comfort and convenience at your next social gathering or poker tournament.

The solid walnut and wood veneer are not as light as some lesser materials, and this is important to remember when the Julius arrives, as it weighs a considerable 117 pounds when fully assembled.

This is an instance where the “Include Assembly” option offered by Amazon pays for itself, particularly if you don’t live on the first floor.

This modern, round coffee table set lists in the mid $300 range, with most vendors offering free shipping with purchase, and boasts a perfect customer review rating among purchasers.

I am high on the Julius Modern Round Coffee Table Set because of its sturdy solid walnut construction.

The durability of this wood in the table and ottomans mean that this is a piece you can rely on lasting a very long time, assuming you take reasonable care of it.

The dark veneer will blend in well with most décor, and the round edges will keep your legs and knees safe from that dreaded bruise you can normally expect while walking around a coffee table in the middle of the night.

But whats more, is that this is a social piece, and I love the functionality of the Julius in this respect. Where as many modern coffee tables are devoted to function or form, this is one that instead focuses on people- giving them a place to congregate, complete with seating.

This feature is something that few people focus on when furniture shopping, and this fact is not lost on my.

While veneer is not my personal favorite, I still like the Furniture of America Julius Modern Round Coffee Table Set, and rate it a 4 out of 5.


The Altra Furniture Rade Black Modern Coffee is a fun mixture of traditional coffee table design and new age styling cues.

This black modern coffee table features stained oak black and hairpin legs for a mid-century space age feel.

The exposed oak wood grains add a charming contrast to the industrial coldness of the metal legs, and the table as a whole would lend itself well to any eclectic or streamlined interior design.

In an eclectic space, especially amongst patterned upholstery or an infamous shag carpet, it will serve as a solid base for the room- really tying everything together.

In a more modern setting, it will follow the clean lines that usually accompany modern styling.

This black modern coffee table measures 24 inches by 39 inches, for a reasonable footprint that will not overtake the room, and making it attractive to those with more modest space requirements.

Standing 17 inches high, the Altra Furniture Rade is at a perfect height for entertaining guests, as well as doubling as a functional area for younger children to do their homework, or crafts.

Built into the oak table top is ample storage for a combination of newspapers, books, tablets, and smaller organizational storage bins- allowing for a clear table top without everyday clutter, while still maintaining ease of accessibility.

The Altra Furniture Rade Black Modern Coffee Table is not without its drawbacks, however. The combination of solid oak and metal components lends this black modern coffee table to a heavy weight of 40 pounds when fully assembled.

I recommend Amazon’s “Include Assembly” option to free you of the time and hassle of putting this Altra Furniture product together.

The Altra Furniture Rade Black Modern Coffee Table is well regarded amongst Amazon purchasers for its combination of quality and value, with overwhelmingly positive customer reviews going along with its very reasonable price point in the mid $100 range.

This Altra Furniture product includes free shipping, and available from a variety of vendors.

I like the Altra Furniture Rade. Its combination of mid-century design cues, along with its solid oak construction, provide ample value for its price point- creating a sturdy product that gives your living space a unique feel without breaking the bank.

It is important to remember that this is an entry-level coffee table, and not held to the higher standard of the Knights Bridge or Abbyson Living Furrino products, nor does it cost nearly as much.

The Altra Furniture Rade sells in a price range where you will usually find particleboard, Formica, and other lower value materials, and the solid oak used in its creation help to set it apart from the competition.


My favorite contemporary coffee tables are within this review, but there is a vast assortment of value and choice here- something for every living space, style, and budget.

If now is not the appropriate time to spend several hundred dollars on a single piece of furniture, do not fret. There rarely is such a time.

This article is as much about showing you what is available as it is about helping you to find the perfect fit for your home and budget, and I hope that this endeavor, it has succeeded. Good luck out there, take care, and happy hunting to all of you.