This solid hardwood white coffee table has the added bonus of a tempered glass display top. Each drawer will provide 4 dividers which can be removed if you so choose to do so.

I particularly love that you can choose to use the drawer display as either a showcase or as a very functional addition so you no longer have to guess which drawer something is in.

The practicality of it will be up to you. The lower shelf area is also a great place to store extra books and magazines. This customization comes at a higher price, but is still under $300.00.


Whether you are working with a large or small space, anything that has multi-functions and extra storage is a bonus.

Here we will cover both convertible coffee tables and specifically extendable coffee tables. These particular tables are an organizers dream.

Take the “Garretson Storage Box Coffee Table”, found here:


Priced at around 200 dollars, this Espresso finish convertible coffee table is perfect for added storage needs. All closed up, this looks like a standard rectangular coffee table.

However, it is equipped with two deep bottom drawers. Great for storing items that you may not have a daily use for, or throw blankets that you don’t want out all the time.

The table top panel also slides off to reveal two deep storage boxes that can easily store 10 books or more each.

The downside, since the top panel slides off rather than lifts, you must first clear the table top off first to make sure that nothing falls and breaks.

Assembly is required which will also be time consuming as the drawers will be assembled separately as well.

If you have the patience and balance to overcome the cons, this might be a dream come true for both your everyday needs and your budget.

Not all convertible coffee tables mean drawers and lifted lids. What about a table that rise and lower in seconds for your particular need? That is exactly what you will find with the “Corner Housewares Transforming X Table” found here:


Priced at around 300 dollars mark, this table has a max height of 30 inches. It can, however, fold down to twice its size in seconds. Great for small children so they will not require a booster seat.

You may be thinking that this is a steep price for a table the only goes up in down. This particular convertible coffee table will also morph into a full size dining table (large enough to fit 4-6 people) in seconds. No bulky table inserts necessary.

All you need to do is simply fold the table out and you’re done. Although this table may not have some of the beauty and charm as others, it is an absolute necessity for anyone that is living in a small space.

While we are on the subject of transforming tables, let’s take a look at this extendable coffee table, the “Lennox Coffee Table with Swivel Wheels” which can be found here:


Sitting at the higher end of our price mark, this modern extendable table is made of tempered glass.

The support beam and wheel are made of chrome to add a nice cool design to the solid bent glass piece. Perfect for those looking for a minimum design style.

If you find a need for more space, you simply need to pull the extendable leg out and seconds later you have an additional 27 inches of table space.

If you have a more Americana style, we have got you covered. I personally love the dark wood on white that is on the “Furniture of America Selma Extendable Coffee Table” shown here:


This extendable coffee table has a dark walnut finish that covers the MDF and wood veneers that it is made of.

Don’t let that fool you for it’s weight that comes in at a large 87 lbs! This has to do, in part, with all of the functions that come along with it.

There are 2 base drawers located on the bottom with a convenient pull hole. A top of that are additional divided shelves for easy accessible items.

You may keep the extendable table closed for everyday use and enjoy a complete dark walnut finish. Or, you may pull the two extendable pieces out that reveal a white centerpiece that lies flush with extenders.

This is a great tool for hosting parties, projects that require more surface area, or to just switch things up a bit.

The downside of this table is that when put together, the walnut extenders will not completely touch the ground, and there is not a locking mechanism to keep them in place.

This will work well for a family of older children, but pets and young toddlers may easily bump it out of place.

The possibilities and customizations or convertible and extendable coffee tables is endless! Write down notes on what you would like to store in your coffee table.

When thinking of a finishing, write down what kind of wear and tear you can guarantee that it will have.

For instance, if you know that you will probably be putting your keys and a drink on your table almost daily, make sure that you do not get a soft wood that will scratch easily.

If you will have food on it constantly, choose a dark wood over a light and it will do a much better job at hiding any stains.