Wrought Iron Coffee Tables are a great way to go if you want a lot of texture, but not a huge price tag, ranging anywhere from $150.00 to $300.00.

Wrought iron coffee tables are a great addition to very traditional style homes and interiors. Colonial pieces and interior designs often incorporate them as there is a lot of versatility when it comes to the top of the table options.

Many choose to have a wrought iron base with a wood frame and glass insert, such as the “Prentice Cocktail Table” shown here:


This particular piece is made of a dark cherry wood and beveled tempered glass insert. The beveled glass adds an extra dimension to the table and gives a distinct separation between that and the wooden frame.

If you will take a moment and notice the very ornate design or the wrought iron table legs and connectors, this is very common with most wrought iron tables.

This is a great example of how mixed media does not always have to have an “industrial” feel. As with most tables that involve iron, they do tend to run on the heavier side. This particular piece weighs about 47 lbs.

As I said, the type of tops that you choose to put on a wrought iron coffee table are endless. This particular table, the “Hillsdale Furniture 4815OTC Brookside 48″ Rectangular Fossil Coffee Table” featured here:


It has an Ivory Colored Fossil Stone with the wrought iron base.

The contrast between the ivory stone and the dark iron base is simply stunning. The extreme contrast immediately draws your eye to the piece.

Once it is there, it continues through the stone work and then down to the intricate pattern at the base. Beautiful from top to bottom and not one detail missed.

As with most stone work, it is heavy. This wrought iron coffee table is 101 lbs! Not hard to understand why is has a price tag of $235.00

If detail is what you are looking for, this one has it all! The “Poundex Firebird Series Coffee Table Round Glass And Rod Iron Finish” featured here:


At only 40 lbs, it certainly is on the smaller side, mostly because of the glass top. What it lacks in weight, it makes up for in pure style.

The rich antique two-tone finish gets it on old world feel without being dated. Timeless would be a better word to describe it.

To sit at this table would give you a sense of peace and calm. The brass detail along the top adds an extra texture and dimension to the piece.

This could easily be paired with a contemporary ivory straight back chair to add contrast and new age to the setting.

If richness is what you are searching for, a rich leather arm chair with complimentary nail head detail would make for the perfect completion in any den.

This piece also comes with a 1 year warranty, which for the price, is simply amazing. I would personally give this wrought iron coffee table a 5 out 5 stars as it is not only charming, but very complimentary to all styles. This is a piece that will grow you and your family.

Another piece that, much like the one above, is much more versatile, is the “Rafferty Round Cocktail Table” which is available here:


This wrought iron coffee table is iron metal all throughout! The top has been stained to give dimension to an otherwise standard iron color.

This detail will be a compliment to any accessories that you may choose to display on top of the piece.

The nail head trim is another detail that stands out. The tear drop design at the base of the legs along with the classic etched metal accent swirls that complete the table legs is a piece of art all its own.

In a room, this wrought iron table will immediately grabbed your attention with its Art Nouveau flair.

Long after the first gaze, you will continue to see more and more hand applied finishes upon further inspection. It is hard to believe that something with so much detail is only priced at under $220.00.

Make sure to take in consideration that this table surface is on the large size. It is only 20 inches high but has a width of 42 inches which is a lot of space when dealing with a round table top. At 69 lbs you will also want to make sure that you have two people when moving the table.

As you can see, wrought iron coffee tables, in and of them selves, can be a work of art. The beautiful and intricate details are found on almost every single one.

A word of caution, make sure that you care as recommended. Use the correct cleaners, especially on metal surfaces.

This will preserve the life of your table as well as protect the integrity of the metal. As we all know, metal can rust over time with continued exposure to liquids.

Make sure to always use a coaster and to quickly clean up any spills or liquid that comes in contact with it. As rustic and charming as these antique finishes may be, rust no longer says antique, it says “time to replace me”.