Blue coffee table ideas. What to buy? Review 2020

The color blue – a color that is both calming and energizing. Depending on the particular shade, it not only has a dramatic impact on our psyche, but it also unleashes a creative side that not everyone possesses. If this articles title has peeked your interest, then you have got the creative bug.

In interior design, a blue coffee table is considered an accent piece. Something that will “pop” and stand out from everything else around it.

You may compliment this accent with pops of the same color throughout the rest of the space, or you can let it stand alone in all of it’s glory (something that I personally love and recommend).

Take a look at the “ Manhattan Comfort Madison 1.0 Series Round Coffee Table” that may be found here:


An absolute steal, at around the 100 dollars mark, for so much boldness. This blue coffee table measures in at approximately 36 inches long and 25 lbs.

The perfect size for any standard living space. With it’s high gloss finish, not only will your eye catch the color, but the light refracting off of it will give it an extremely modern edge.

The 3 sided geometric base will also give it a ton of support. Able to withstand a good amount of weight.

Minimal assembly in required with this blue coffee table, but all of the hardware is included.

If you are looking for something that is possibly a bit more muted, not as bold, then let me bring your attention to the “Convenience Concepts Oslo Coffee Table” in the Blue Piano Finish.


Blue round side table 

Priced very reasonably at less than 100 dollars, this is a purchase that may be made spur of the moment, without guilt if you want or need to replace it after a couple of years.

The solid wood legs ground the piece and allows for the Blue Piano Finish to not become overpowering. Weighing in at only 17 pounds but a long length of approximately 43 inches, you will have many placement and usage options with this piece.

Whether you are using it for arts and crafts with the kids of to bring a little color and life to a dull and neutral colored room, this table will provide a lot of uses.

A bonus of this table is the rounded edges. A great safety feature for small children and pets, which are notorious for bumping their heads frequently on table edges.

Working with a small space, or just don’t have a need for a large surface area? That is where the “Joveco Triangle Pattern Metal End Table/ Side Table/ Sofa Table/ Coffee Table (Blue)” which you can find here:

Light blue accent table

This small coffee table measures in at only 5 pounds and approximately 18.7 inches long, but can hold a lot of weight. 220 lbs. to be exact.


Made completely of iron, this blue coffee table was made to be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. That’s a lot of functionality for the nominal price tag of around 70 dollars.


The modern weave design, combined with the bright teal color allows this blue coffee table to stand out in any setting.


With it’s durability and large weight limit, it can multi function as a stool for extra setting during special parties or everyday use. For the price and the multi purpose use of this particular coffee table, I would give it 4 stars out of 5.


Lastly we come to our mid-century inspired “Modern Paint-dipped Round Shaped Spindle Wooden Accent Tray Top Cocktail Coffee Table with Metal Legs” in sky blue, seen here:

Tea blue coffee  table

This table hits the top of our price range for blue coffee tables, at about $30. Still a great price that can fit most budgets.

The classic tray top design gives a feeling of a cozy bed and breakfast. The light sky blue color works great with gray colors and neutrals alike.

Adding a fun element to any room. If you have an existing earth tone palette this particular blue would work well with browns or complementary golden tones to accentuate the blonde wood tips on the legs. The top is constructed out of Brentwood while the legs are composed of rubber wood and metal tube legs.

Some assembly is required for this  16 inch diameter table.

I hope these examples have shown you that going for an accent color, especially a blue color, is not as scary as it seems.

There are many fun options out there, and they do not all have to be grand gestures. Start small, such as the Joveco Triangle pattern table.

It is small enough that it could even be used as two end tables instead of one large, bright centerpiece.

The more comfortable that you become with accent colors and accent furniture, such as the blue coffee tables, the more fun your house will become.

The important thing to remember is that the lines must be kept clean. Everything show above was small and streamlined.

With too much bulk in the design, a blue coffee table can become loud and overpowering. Especially in a small space.